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October 1938

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Events On This Day

Erwin Rommel became the commander of Adolf Hitler's headquarters during his tour of Sudetenland on 1 October 1938, recently annexed from Czechoslovakia.

On 1 October 1938, Wehrmacht troops march into the Sudetenland. The Polish government gives the Czechoslovakian government an ultimatum stating that Zaolzie region must be handed over within 24 hours. The Czechoslovakians have little choice but to comply. Polish forces occupy Zaolzie.

The Dornier Do 18 flying boat Pampero was lost on 1 October 1938, in the Atlantic Ocean the entire crew of 5 was missing and were never recovered.

On 4 October 1938, The Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War begin withdrawing their foreign volunteers from combat as agreed on 5 July 1938.

Adolf Hitler on 9 October 1938, in a speech at Saarbrücken, said. Now as a strong state, we can be ready at any time to pursue a policy of understanding with surrounding states. We can do this because we want nothing from them. We have no wishes, no claims we want peace.

On 18 October 1938, The German government expels 12,000 Polish Jews living in Germany the Polish government accepts 4,000 and refuses admittance to the remaining 8,000, who are forced to live in the no man's land on the German-Polish frontier.

On 21 October 1938, In direct contravention of the recently signed Munich Agreement, Adolf Hitler circulates among his high command a secret memorandum stating that they should prepare for the liquidation of the rest of Czechoslovakia and the occupation of Memel.

M7 Minesweeper
Commissioned 21 October 1938

24 October 1938 At a friendly luncheon in Berchtesgaden, German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop tells Józef Lipski, the Polish ambassador to Germany, that the Free City of Danzig must return to Germany, that the Germans must be given extraterritorial rights in the Polish Corridor, and that Poland must sign the Anti-Comintern Pact.

R32 R-boat
Launched 27 October 1938

On 30 October 1938, The Nationalists counterattack, forcing Republican troops back across the Ebro.

Hans-Heinrich Wurmbach
Takes command of the Pocket Battleship Admiral Scheer on 31 October 1938 to 31 October 1939

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Dornier Do 18

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2194 Days Of War.
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