Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945


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1. www.tankworkshop.com

2. www.reinforcementsbypost.com

3. Fire and Fury Games

Finely detailed figures for gamers, collectors and painters.

5. Coltishall Cowards
A gaming and modelling club. Offers historical, Sci-Fi and fantasy wargames.

6. Cheltenham Warchiefs
Cheltenham warchiefs are a wargaming club based in Cheltenham playing numerous rulesets and scales.

7. Newark Irregulars
The Newark Irregulars are an informal tabletop miniature wargames group who meet at the 7th Newark Scout HQ, Lover's Lane.

8. SHQ Miniatures
Suppliers miniatures for Ancient, Medieval and WWII war gaming and collecting.

9. Mirliton SG
Mirliton SG :: 25/28 mm miniatures for collectors and wargames, Miniature gallery, Grenadier fantasy miniatures, Fantasy warriors.

10. Grimsby Wargames Society

11. Halifax Modellers World

12. Radio Controlled Model Tanks - Russian T80, T90, T34, German Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger 1, King Tiger, M4 Sherman Howitzer, Sherman Firefly
Radio controlled model tanks. Model tanks are GRP, steel running gear, electric powered, speeds 8 mph, climb 45 degrees. Model tanks for sale in UK....

13. www.armortek.co.uk

14. Metal Models

15. Glue-it.com
The home of model making

16. www.paulstiger1.co.uk
One 6th Scale Vehicles, WWII German Militaria, Eastern front Photos Pauls Early Tiger 1, Armourtek, Model Tanks, Radio Control

17. Gary's Military Modelling Pages

18. MMS Models

19. Italian Wings Document

20. www.tigerdio.com


Alsand's Toy Soldiers
your source for miniature toy soldiers (both metal and plastic), other hobby items, supplies and reference materials.

AB Figures co.uk

AB Figures com

WarWheels.Net is a comprehensive online resource for modelers and enthusiasts of armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles from all eras.


WWII News articles from around the world

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WWII Timeline
World War Two Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1935 through to 1945.
WWII Timeline

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