Wehrmacht History 1935 to 1945


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This site covers some World War II aspects of: Command and control of Kriegsmarine units and Luftwaffe fighter command and control facilities •in Europe. Headquarters, radar stations and signal intelligence units •related to these organizations (Gefechtsstand, Flugmeldemess, Funkmessortung, Jägerleit and Funkaufklärung Stellungen). Bunkers, constructions and electronic equipment related to these facilities and stations. A special section is dedicated to Fliegerhorst Grove (Flyvestation Karup).

2. German U-Boat History - Sharkhunters - German U-Boat History - Official Publication
German U Boat history with Sharkhunter's official KTB magazine publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffwe with major emphasis on German U Boats and submarines

3. u-boote.ru
German submarines in World War II.

4. U-Boot-Zentrale - Die informative U-Bootseite im Netz

5. Battleship Bismarck | the true face of a warship
Find the stories of over 400 men who served on the ship in three brand new books.


The U-boat Society

Battleship Bismarck Legend Lives
This site is dedicated to battleship Bismarck and her brave sailors who died during the course of operation Rheinubung.

German U-Boats and Battle of the Atlantic
German U-boat history, photo gallery, U-boat types, technical specification and indepth history of the Battle of the Atlantic. Also features historical battles, tactics, and much more related to the U-boat war.


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WWII News articles from around the world

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WWII Timeline
World War Two Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1935 through to 1945.
WWII Timeline

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