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Light Cruiser

Nürnberg Light cruiser

Service Data

In Service: 2 November1935 to 1961

Production Data

Ordered: 1928
Builder: Deutsche Werke AG, Kiel
Construction No: 234
Laid down: 4 November 1933
Launched: 8 December 1934
Commissioned: 2 November1935

Technical Data

Type: Light cruiser
Class: Leipzig

Displacement: 7,150 tons standard 9,040 tons full load
Length: 181.3 m
Beam: 16.3 m
Draft: 5.74 m
Propulsion: 3 × shafts steam turbines and diesel engines producing up to 66,075 hp
Propellers: 3
Speed: 32.3 knots
Range: 2.800 nautical miles at 16.5 knots
Crew: 896 men and officers
3 × 15 cm
8 × 8.8 cm L/76 SK C/32
carried 3,200 rounds
8 × 3.7 cm L/83 SK C/30
carried 9,600 rounds
6 × 2 cm MG L/65 C/30 after 1941
carried 2,000 rounds
12 × 53.3 cm torpedoe tubes
120 mines
Armour Belt 50 to 70 mm, Deck 40 mm, Turrets 20 mm,
Aircraft: 2 × Arado Ar 196 seaplanes
Operators: Kriegsmarine

Other: Light cruisers


The Nürnberg, was a German light cruiser of the Leipzig class called after the city of Nuremberg. Some sources regard the Leipzig and Nürnberg to be of separate, distinct ship, classes. After World War II, Nürnberg was moved to the Soviet Union and recalled after Admiral Makarov.


2 November1935
The Nürnberg is commissioned.

1 September 1939
The Nürnberg carries out operations in the Danzig Beight along with Köln, Leipzig and the destroyer Leberecht Maaß.

12 to 13 December 1939
The Nürnberg along with Köln, and Leipzig conduct mining operations. The British submarine HMS Salomon torpedoes Leipzig and Nürnberg.

25 July 1940 The Nürnberg along with four destroyers, escorts the damaged Gneisneau back to Kiel.

10 September 1942
The Nürnberg along with Admiral Hipper, Köln, and Admiral Scheer, moves to the Alta Fjord to attack Convoy PQ-18.

27 January 1945 The Nürnberg is stationed in Copenhagen harbour, and has to defend itself with Flak guns against attacking Danish partisans.

The Nürnberg is broken up, and scrapped


Hubert Schmundt
Takes command on 2 November 1935
Ends command on 13 October 1936

Theodor Riedel
Takes command on 13 October 1936
Ends command on 8 October 1937

Walter Krastel
Takes command on 8 October 1937
Ends command on 5 November 1938

Heinz Degenhardt
Takes command on 5 November 1938
Ends command on 11 November 1938

Walter Hennecke
Takes command on 11 November 1938
Ends command on 19 November 1938

Otto Klüber
Takes command on 19 November 1938
Ends command on 7 August 1940

Leo Kreisch
Takes command on 7 August 1940
Ends command on 19 March 1941

Ernst von Studnitz
Takes command on 19 March 1941
Ends command on 6 June 1943

Gerhardt Böhmig
Takes command on 6 June 1943
Ends command on 7 October 1944

Hellmuth Gressler
Takes command on 7 October 1944
Ends command on 6 January 1946


Nürnberg picture 2
Nürnberg picture 3
Nürnberg picture 4
Nürnberg picture 5

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