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Aggregate Series

Surface-to-Surface Missiles


Henschel Hs 293 Anti-ship Missiles


During the 1920s and early 1930s. There was widespread interest in rocket experiments throughout Germany. However, in 1929 the Reichswehr became interested in some of these amateur rocket projects, and so Walter Robert Dornberger became involved, he helped to finance the more promising of the amateur rocket projects.

In 1932 Walter Robert Dornberger set up a testing station at Kummersdorf-West, South of Berlin it was here that Walter Robert Dornberger set about recruiting. The men, that would eventually lead to Aggregate series of rockets. Under the leadership of Wernher von Braun, and his associates Walter Riedel, Heinrich Grünow, Walter Thiel, Martin Schilling, Arthur Rudolph, Rudolph Hermann, Ludwig Roth, Gerhard Reisig , Klaus Riedel, Helmut Gröttrup , Hermann Oberth, Friedrich Kirchstein, Kurt Patt

In 1937 Walter Robert Dornberger moved his team to Army Research Center Peenemünde

A-1 First in the Aggregate Series of ballistic missiles is completed in 1933

A-2 Second in the Aggregate Series of ballistic missiles is completed in 1934

A-3 Third in the Aggregate Series of ballistic missiles is completed in 1937

A-4 Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket

A-4 SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) which was a ballistic missile, That was intended to be launched from a U-boat

A-4b / A-9 Experimental winged missile intended to increase range, forerunner for the Aggregate 9 (A-9)

A-5 Forerunner for the Aggregate 4 (A-4)

A-6 Experimental missile to test different propellants

A-7 Experimental missile for the Kriegsmarine similar in appearance to Aggregate 5 (A-5)

A-8 Experimental missile with a lengthened body otherwise similar in design to the Aggregate 4 (A-4)

A-9 / A-10 Experimental missile, classed as the first ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile)


Aggregate 3 (A-3)  picture 2
Aggregate 5 (A-5) loaded on He 111  picture 3
Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket picture 4
Aggregate 4 (A-4) V-2 rocket picture 5
Aggregate 4 (A-4) SLBM V-2 rocket picture 6
Aggregate 4b (A-4b) Aggregate 9 (A-9) V-2 rocket  picture 7

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