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V-2 Rocket
Aggregat 4 (A-4) SLBM

Surface-to-Surface Missile

V-2 Rocket, Aggregat 4 (A-4) SLBM

Service Data:

In Service:

Production Data:

First Flight:
Manufacturer: Mittelwerk GmbH, Peenemünde
Number built: 6,000 all variants

Technical Data:

Type: Surface-to-Surface Missile

Guidance system: Gyroscope
Length: 14 m
Wingspan: 3.56 m
Diameter: 1.65 m
Weight: 12,900 kg
Engine: 1 × liquid fuel rocket engine producing up to to 25,000 kg of thrust
Maximum speed: 5,580 km/h
Range: 320 km
Warhead: 980 kg Amatol
Fuze: impact
Launch Platform: Mobile
Operators: Heer
A-4b A-9
A-9 / A-10

Other: Missiles


The Aggregat 4 (A-4) SLBM (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile) which was a ballistic missile, That was intended to be launched from a U-boat. Which was designed and developed by Dr.-Ing. Wernher von Braun in 1944 under the leadership of Dr. Walter Robert Dornberger, at Greifswalder Oie, Peenemünde.

The Aggregat 4 (A-4) SLBM used the standard Aggregat 4 (A-4) missile, and was intended to be towed to its launch position by a U-boat in a in a specially constructed launch platform called Lafferenz capsules, It was intended for a U-boat to be able to tow up to three of these capsules at any given time. The first prototype capsule was built by Sichau Dockyards at Elbing which will weighed 300 tons. Three further Lafferenz capsules were manufactured by AG Vulcan in Stettin these weighed 500 tons and were later captured by the Soviets.


Heer Comments


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